Understanding Dog Nutrition

Dr. Brian Brumfield

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How do I pick a good dog food?

Choosing the right dog food can be an overwhelming process given the multitude of brands and types available. However, as a general rule, traditional kibble is recommended for its balanced formulation. It's important to remember that a lot of the dog food on the shelves in the United States only meets a low bar of requirements, and their effectiveness is not backed by a significant amount of scientific data. Many companies are also very good at marketing certain diets that may not be the best for your pet.

How do you determine how much to feed your dog?

When determining the amount to feed your dog, it's important to check the label on the side of the dog food bag. Look for the AFCO statement, which should be present on every bag of dog food sold in the United States. This statement ensures the food is appropriate for your pet. It's also crucial to avoid the common mistake of feeding adult dogs an all life stages diet which is essentially puppy food. This type of food is high in calories and fat, which adult dogs do not need. If you're struggling with managing your dog's weight, checking the type of diet and ensuring it's not an all life stages diet can be an effective first step.

What does the calorie count mean for dog food?

Another important label to check is the calorie content per cup (kcal per cup), which is similar to calorie counting in human diets. If you need a calculation on the calories your pet needs based on their ideal body weight, you can consult with your vet. By knowing how many kcals per cup your dog needs, you can easily calculate the amount of food to feed them.

What is the rule of thumb when choosing a dog food?

While there are many different diets out there, a good rule of thumb is to choose a dog food that your pet eats well, ensures a healthy coat, produces good bowel movements, and is appropriate for their life stage. These are the main criteria to consider when choosing a dog food.

How can we learn more about dog nutrition?

Future discussions will delve into more specifics on proteins, fat content, carbohydrates, and other essential topics related to dog food. This video just covered the basics of choosing dog food and determining the appropriate quantity.

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